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Updated: 19/05/04

Some benchmark programs for assessing system performance. With the variety of QL and compatible hardware and emulators available, some means of comparing performances will sometimes come in useful, no doubt.

Bogomips v1.5 (19K) program to measure system performance (Thierry Godefroy)

Dhrystone and Sieve benchmarks (29K) from Franz Krojer

Dhrystone (78K) benchmark program v2.1, updated by Thierry Godefroy

Math benchmark program (24K) from Dietrich Buder

QSBB (1K) The QLay SuperBASIC Benchmark program.

QSI (11K) QL Speed Index by Eros Forenzi

Test 909 (32K) - Benchmark programs from Rolf Ritter. Includes loop, maths, text, scroll and graphics tests.

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