Othello image  

How To Play

1 The board is initiated as shown in figure 1.

2 The players take turns in placing one chip at the time in one of the empty squares of the gameboard. Black begins.

3 Every chip placed on the board has to flip at least one of the opponent's chips. A chip is flipped if it is trapped between the chip that was just placed and another chip of the opponent's color. In figure 2, if white places a chip in square A, the result will be that of figure 3.

4 The number of flipped chips in one turn is only limited by the size of the gameboard. If in figure 4, white decides to place his/her chip in square A, the result will be that of figure 5.

5 If one player cannot place a chip (under the requirements of point 3), he/she has to pass and let the opponent make his/her move. 6 The game ends when neither player can place a chip on the board. Especially, this is the case if the gameboard is filled, or all chips are of the same color. He/she wins, who has the most chips of his/her color on the gameboard.

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