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Program Functions

These are selected by pressing the 'O' key. The little section on the right that is normally reserved to display the moves will now display the options. You can scroll through the options by pressing the up or down arrow keys and pressing ENTER when the option you want is highlighted in the centre. The options in the order they appear are as follows:

This option will replay all the moves in the current game from the start position to the last move played.

This takes you back to the current game after using the options.

Will set up a new game at move one

The computer has a selection of opening moves built into the database, this allows the computer to play the opening moves very quickly no matter what level the computer is set at, by selecting this option you stop the computer from using its 'Book' and force it to calculate each move. This option will only be effective for the current game.

Will terminate the current game and set up a new game at move one.

his option allows you to take back the last move played, you can take back all the moves if you wish from your current position right back to the start of the game.

This is the reverse of the Take Back option, from any previous position you can move forwards through the move list one move at a time.

Using this option will allow you to play as white, or change back to black if you are already playing as white. You can change sides at any time during the game when it is your move.

This allows you to set up any board position and to play from that position, the options within the setup routine will be displayed in the little window on the right.

There are 5 playing levels built into this version of Othello, these are as follows:

Level 1: is a simple material only evaluation routine, it is so weak that even beginners should mostly be able to beat it.
Level 2: at this level the program uses both basic static positional and material routines.
Level 3: uses a dynamically changing positional routine, coupled to the material routine, the program also does a Brute Force search one ply into the future.
Level 4: This is basically the same as level 3 except the brute force 'look ahead' is deeper
Level 5: The same as level 3 and 4, but again with an even deeper ply search than level 4.

There are two other options that are available all the time without using the options menu, these are:

'MOVE NOW' option
Pressing the 'Move Now' key will force the computer to make the best move found so far from its current search. On the first 3 levels this will be quite quick, but because this key is only checked at certain stages within the positional routines, when used on the slower playing levels (4 and 5), may require that the key is held down until the search reaches the point in the routine that checks if it is being pressed.

Pressing the 'Hint' key during the players turn will force the computer to do a level 2 search on the position and display the best move it thinks you can play.

The computer will never play an illegal move, nor will it ever allow its opponent to make an illegal move, should you make an illegal move the computer will make the appropriate noise and display 'ILLEGAL' on the recorded moves window.

If a player cannot make a legal move, the computer will recognise this and instead of a move being displayed on the recorded moves window... i.e., A8, H4, C6 or such like, it will record the move as _0 then the other player moves again if they can. If neither player has a legal move but there are still empty squares on the board, the computer will terminate the game at that point and display the winner as normal.

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