QL 2000 Meeting

On Saurday and Sunday 14th/15th October 2000, QLers from Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, the U.S.A. and France gathered in Portsmouth on the south coast of England for the largest get-together of QL enthusiasts for some time. Among the delights to savour there were one of the first public glimpses of Jon Dent's SoQL TCP/IP stack system for the QL (Jon was the first to send an email from native QL hardware while Jonathan Hudson was first to send an email with QDOS running on the uQLx emulator), Simon Goodwin demonstrating the QLSSS (Sampled Sound System) for QDOS Classic on Q40 and Amiga and his digital camera software for QDOS, Al Boehm demonstrated the QL Midi software system and presented Jon Dent with a cash prize for his work, Jochen Merz released an admittedly early version of the "colour drivers" version of QPC2, Q-Celt had several CD-ROMs for QL emulators on sale, Wolfgang Uhlig demonstrated the SuQcess database system, Arnould Nazarian presented his ideas for the QL's future by looking at the possibilities of producing a "toy computer" based on SMSQE for youngsters and a possible LCD display PDA type system with the backing of Tony Tebby. Sunday morning saw a lively debate on the future of the QL where several very interesting ideas were discussed, and of course saturday night saw the now traditional show meal and social event. All those there (traders and visitors) declared themselves well happy with the event and we look forward eagerly to the next such meeting!

Urs König from Switzerland has kindly sent me some pictures he took of the show, so that those of you unable to attend this marvellous show can get some idea of who was there and what was happening. Thank you, Urs.

Some pictures taken at the QL 2000 meeting

Jonathan Dent
Jonathan Dent working on his SoQL TCP/IP system for the QL, with Tim Swenson (left) and Dilwyn Jones seated in the background.
SoQL screen
Screen picture of part of SoQL.
Al Boehm and QL Midi
Al Boehm gets down on his knees to demonstrate the QL Midi software. Or is he just praying it will work???
Al Boehm and Simon N. Goodwin
Al Boehm and Simon N. Goodwin demonstrated the QL Midi software.
The QLSSS (Sampled Sound System) demonstrated at the show by Simon N. Goodwin.
Hilary O'Kelly and Tony Firshman
"A genuine Tony Firshman-repaired QL? I'll take it!" says Irish visitor Hilary O'Kelly to Tony Firshman.
Roy Wood and Robin Barker
Robin Barker haggles over prices at the Q-Branch stall.
QLers families
QLers families meet at QL2000.
Bernd Reinhard,Laurence Reeves and Tim Fuller
Laurence Reeves is snookered by an awkward question from Bernd Reinhard.
Quanta stall
Bill Newell (seated) and John Taylor on the Quanta stand
Q-Celt Computing stall
The Q-Celt Computing stand - Darren Branagh looking for volunteers to tidy it up no doubt!
Simon Goodwin and Ingo Erin
Simon Goodwin has to drag his son Ingo Erin away from all the QLs!
Jonathan Dent's award
Al Boehm of NESQLUG, USA, presents Jon Dent with a prize of $200 in recognition of his work producing the QL TCP/IP system.
Jonathan Dent
The man of the moment, Jonathan Dent, addresses an appreciative audience at QL2000 about SoQL.
Darren Branagh
Darren Branagh of Q-Celt Computing somewhere near food as usual!
Future of the QL discussion
Part of the audience listening intently to the Future Of The QL discussion on the Sunday morning at QL2000
Keith Mitchell
Keith Mitchell listens intently to the QL Sampled Sound System demo.
QLSSS and digital camera demo
Simon N. Goodwin demonstrating QLSSS and his Digital Camera software for the QL.
The Horizon Centre venue
The Horizon Centre, Cosham, Portsmouth - venue for QL2000.
Robin Barker chaired the Future Of The QL discussion on Sunday morning
Robin Barker chaired the Future Of The QL discussion on the Sunday morning.
Digital Camera software demonstration
A demonstration of Simon Goodwin's digital camera link software


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