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Updated: 29.01.2017

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It is my intention to try to keep this page up to date, as long as people keep me updated about dates and venues for QL shows. Please send me an email about any more QL shows you may be aware of (address on the home page). Check out Quanta's website too for event details. QL Today magazine also publishes details of events, usually on the back page. Quanta workshops are QL shows which take place once or twice a year. Members and non-members alike are welcome to attend.

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QL Mini-Workshops, Manchester, England.

NEMQLUG (a QL group based in the Manchester area) invites anyone with an interest in the Sinclair QL Micro computer, its derivatives and emulators to one-day mini workshops on 5th February 2017, 23rd April 2017, and 25th June 2017. The time of the meeting is usually 1pm to 7pm and the venue 181 Urmston Lane, Stretford, Manchester. Contact a Quanta committee member to confirm the date, time and venue of each meeting (or contact me if you don't have Quanta contact details) in case they change between the time of writing and the meeting itself. The mini-workshops are organised by members of the NEMQLUG group in Manchester in co-operation with Quanta. Non-members are welcome.

Note that the April meeting is also the Quanta Annual General Meeting at the same venue. Non-members are welcome, but only Quanta members may vote at the meeting.

The NEMQLUG group itself hold their own meetings on the last Thursday of most months of the year - contact John Gilpin or Alison Southern if you are a QL user living in the Manchester area who would like to join them.
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