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Picture of a SDHC card in a QL fitted with QL-SD

Last Updated: 17/04/18

This page is dedicated to the QUBIDE add-on for the QL. QUBIDE is an IDE hard disk interface card for QL sytstems. The hardware was originally designed by Zeljko Nastasic and brought to market by Qubbesoft P/D, with compatible versionsof the interface, mostly based on or developed from either the original version or Jan Polenicek's development.

A QUBIDE equivalent Compact Flash card interface has been built into the Tetroid Disk Interface for the QL, available from SellMyRetro.com at the time of writing (April 2018). The Tetroid Disk Interface is equivalent to a Miracle Trump Card, with the added QUBIDE equivalent Compact Flash card connection.

If anyone would like to make available any more software, documentation, or articles about QL-SD, please email it to me.

Jan Polenicek's work on a new version of QUBIDE may be found here.

QUBIDE ROMs/Utilities disks

Various versions of the QUBIDE ROM and Utilities disks may be found on the QL ROMs page.


The manual for QUBIDE may be found on the Replacement Manuals page on this site.


This is a complete new driver from Alain Haoui for QUBIDE cards fitted with the version 2 GAL chip upgrade and Q40/Q60. Available on the QL ROMs page on this site.


Picture of a  Jose Leandro QUBIDEJosé Leandro has produced a Qubide clone. He has a website about it here (Spanish) or here (English).

Habi's Windows software "Image Editor" is available from the same page - this allows us to handle zip, image and individual files on a Qubide's flash memory card on a Windows PC (or Linux system with Wine).

Tutorials and files below were sourced from http://hardware.speccy.org/temp/qubide-i.html with thanks.

Installing a José Leandro QUBIDE tutorial
Read as a PDF file (512K) or Word .docx file (969K)

Habi's "Image Editor" software
software.zip - (4.1MB) This is a Windows program to handle SD, CF, HD or DOM media in QL format.

Handle img files with the Image Editor program. Read as PDF file (311K) or Word .docx file (357K).
Handle zip files with the Image Editor program. Read as PDF file (320K) or Word .docx file (370K).
Handle files with the Image Editor program. Read as PDF file (272K) or Word .docx file (300K).
Using the Image Editor from Linux (WINE) - read as PDF file (251K) or Word .docx file (385K).

Misc Documentation
QLBusExpansion.txt (1K) - Sinclair QL bus expansion, plain text file.
GAL-EPROM-qubide.zip (21K) - GAL + EPROM Qubide
qubide_qbranch.zip (96K) - Original QUBIDE documentation.
Ampliacion.zip (2K) - GAL 512K RAM
board.zip (91K) - Eagle PCB+Scheme files.

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