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Last Updated: 26/11/16

Screen Savers are programs designed to blank the screen or activate a graphical display after a gievn period of keyboard or mouse inactivity. Originally, this was a facility to help prevent images of text displayed on the screen being burned permanently onto the screen, but as this is much less of a problem with modern displays, screen savers these days tend to be used more for an amusing distraction or simply to hide what was displayed if the computer is not used for a little while. A program written in SBASIC which may be used as a stand alone screen saver or used with Cuedark. (Per Witte) (2K) [08/07/05] Cuedark is a screen saver utility for pointer driven systems. Add your own screen saver modules if required, examples supplied written in Basic with compiled versions for use as modules. (Albin Hessler) (160K) [08/07/05]

LPSaver is the screen saver component from Launchpad, but capable of working independent of Launchpad. LPSaver allows you to use your own screen savers - instructions are included to help you write your own saver modules. Pointer environment required. Follow this link to the Launchpad Download Page to download this program. (D. Jones) - in the author's own words: "I hardly know what to call it: screen saver, gimmick, toy." Inspired by the Matrix movies, this can be used as a stand alone amusing toy - it has a calming, even hypnotic effect - or as a screen saver module with Cuedark (above). Compiled and source basic versions included. (Per Witte) (34K) [26/11/16] - produces an animation of a spinning world, as an example of using multiple sprites as animation frames. Not strictly speaking a screen saver, but an example of how to creates animations using standard GD2 sprites. A seasonal offering from the author to the QL community in lieu of a Christmas Card! (Per Witte) (50K) [05/12/17] Screen Saver v1.4 for pointer environment on QL or Thor. Now with English translation of instructions file. (Thierry Godefroy) (7K) [25/09/06]

Screen Dazzler screen saver system. Keyboard only, not mouse aware. Can work with or without pointer environment. (Bruce Nicholls)
Screen Dazzler disk 1 Disk 1 - program disk (69K) [05/07/05]
Screen Dazzler disk 2 Disk 2 - screen saver modules (372K) - QL Screen Off. This program will switch off the QL screen (after x seconds, if you haven't typed anything) to save the life of your monitor. To re-active the monitor just type any key. (Ergon Development) (2K) - SSAV screen saver for QL and compatibles which implement the sv_mstat Display Control Register to blank the display. Provides two extensions to control the screen saver, allowing you specify a delay after which, if no keys have been pressed, the screen blanker cuts in, or a delay of 0 disables the screen saver. (2K) [12/05/14] A collection of screen savers based on the ubiquitous Starfield Simulation (Per Witte) (4K) [08/07/05] A screen saver program written in machine code (David Burns) (2K) [08/07/05]

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