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Last Updated: 06/06/14

Abacus_Programs.zip - Abacus Programs. A set of 3 programs to load into Abacus, Useful grids, Car radios stations and frequences, Petrol conversions. (John Shaw) (11K)

Accounts.zip - Account Statment. An Abacus spreadsheet to record your bank account statments. (2K)

budget.zip Abacus template to help plan a yearly budget (Gary Norton) (4K) [22/09/06]

Budget_90.zip - Sinclair QL World Budget Planner for 1990. An Abacus spreadsheet to plan your finances. (4K)

growth.zip Abacus template to help plan for specific capital accrual (3K) [22/09/06]

loan.zip Abacus template to compare different loan interests and rates (4K) [22/09/06]

pcc.zip 2 spreadsheets with printer control code sets (12K) [22/09/06]

QSpread demo - the trial version of the QSpread spreadsheet program from Jochen Merz Software is available from the Demo Programs page

retire.zip Abacus template to help plan Retirement Income (Gary Norton) (4K) [22/09/06]

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